Minister of Social Care, Steve Blackett, is now more au fait with the departments within his Ministry.

Today, Mr. Blackett, along with a team of officials from the Ministry, visited the Vauxhall Senior Citizens Village, Christ Church and the Jorris Dunner Senior Citizens Home, Pinelands, St. Michael.

Chairman of the National Assistance Board, Maria Boyce, Deputy Chairman, Senator Rev. David Durant and Director, Charyn Wilson were on hand to brief him about the state of the two institutions.

The senior’s village at Vauxhall, which can accommodate 38 persons, received a nod of approval from Mr. Blackett who said he would like to see similar projects set up at other points in the island.

In agreeing with the Social Care Minister, Mrs. Boyce noted that there was a shortage of facilities in the island for both seniors who can live independently, as well as those who require assistance.

Meanwhile, the Jorris Dunner Senior Citizens’ Home is currently acomodating the homeless men who usually seek shelter at the Clyde Gollop Centre, which is undergoing repairs at this time.??

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