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Persons calling the 536-4500 hotline number for suspected symptoms of COVID-19 are being urged to be patient.

Minister of Health and Wellness, Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Bostic, sought to assure persons today that their calls to the number were important and would be answered, but they would likely experience some wait.

“You have to understand that we are dealing with matters that require discussion and explanation to people.  So, when you think that no one is on the line, actually someone is on the line dealing with a client.  And that process sometimes can take a bit of time.  So, we really call for people to be patient,” he urged.

He made this appeal as he gave an update on Barbados’ situation during a press briefing at Ilaro Court this evening, joined by Acting Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Anton Best.

The Minister gave the assurance that Government had increased the number of telephone lines, and was in the process of increasing the number of persons working those lines.

He explained that the number of calls being received was “very high”, and welcomed the communication and chance to engage with the public.

Lieutenant Colonel Bostic added that they were also receiving a number of calls from persons overseas who wanted to visit Barbados and to know what their status on arrival would be and the type of facilities available.

“So, this thing has been going so well that sometimes people may have a delay in terms of getting a response,” he pointed out.

Minister Bostic added that the hotline was like any other call service, such as the ones overseas or others locally, that had a waiting period. “It is not that persons are not there,” he emphasized.


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