Minister of Industry and Small Business, Denis Kellman (FP)

The recent launch of the Caribbean Digital Media Centre (CDMC) has received high praise from Minister of Industry and Small Business, Denis Kellman.

During his feature address, at the ceremony, Minister Kellman welcomed the company which is not only the first of its kind in the island, but may also be the first in the Caribbean. He affirmed that his Ministry would support the initiative which he deemed as "a unique product with the potential to earn much foreign exchange for Barbados."

He noted that the company, which will produce animated products, was pursuing "an area of endeavour which has limited prevalence in the Caribbean… [and a] strong developmental component built into its operations."

"The field of animation has been enhanced with the onset of the technological age…And, so, the production of animation products has found a unique place on the global industrial landscape, appearing in many forms and serving multiple purposes," Minister Kellman underscored.

He added that "animation can boast to being a sub-sector of the creative industries", and stated that as a consequence, its introduction at this level to the entrepreneurial landscape of Barbados was very much in sync with the Government’s thrust to develop the cultural sector.

The Small Business Minister noted that although the development of the cultural industries sector was not the mandate of his Ministry, it too, had a role to play. Pointing out that the cultural industries were not only limited to the performing arts, he underscored the importance of the culinary and craft sub-sectors which were also significant to the small and micro business industries of Barbados.

Mr. Kellman also indicated that the establishment of the Centre would benefit young persons across the island. "With the establishment of the CDMC…opportunities are optimised to stimulate the creative imagination of our young people… For some of these young people, what may have been seen as only a hobby, for example, the drawing of cartoons, is now seen in a new light and can be harnessed and channelled to produce a product or products that can be shared with the world," he said.

The Minister added that while the CDMC would also serve as a training centre, "one of its major objectives will be to identify young Barbadians with ???evergreen ideas’ that have global appeal and assist them in translating these ideas into quality animation products for the global market."


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