Senior Business Development ??Manager (Caribbean and Latin America Department ) of the Barabdos Tourism Authority, Linda Christian-Clarke??(Second Left) and Deputy Permanent Secretary (Ag) in the Ministry of Tourism, Celia Pollard-Jones?? (Second Right) with Brazilian guests at the??reception at Wispers on the Bay,??to mark the inaugural GOL flight out of Sao Paulo, Brazil.??

Government is committed to ensuring a better relationship with players in the tourism industry.

This was alluded to recently as Minister of Tourism, Richard Sealy, offered congratulations to newly appointed President of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA), Colin Jordan.??

During a speech to mark the inaugural GOL flight from Sao Paulo, Brazil to Barbados, Minister Sealy saluted the new President and expressed the view that the BHTA would "certainly enjoy good, solid progressive leadership under Mr. Jordan".

He wished him well in his tenure and stressed that Government was determined to take the relationship between them and the private sector to another level.

Mr. Sealy said: "Government has already signalled its intention to operate a little differently with the private sector; not merely to have subsidies to the hotels and the attractions but we want to work in a cooperative way and I would say that under Mr. Jordan we can do a lot to have that cooperative work.

"Let us not in any way deprecate the importance of that strong partnership in a project like this Brazil flight because it is developmental and we’re going to need that partnership in order for it to work."

Mr. Jordan took up the helm some two weeks ago, following the departure of Wayne Capaldi. He is the financial controller at Mango Bay Hotel in St. James.

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