The Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation is making good on its promise to appoint temporary persons working in the teaching service.

Chief Education Officer, Karen Best, presented letters of appointment to 15 teachers at the Ministry???s Constitution Road office today, who represent a small number of the 416 persons recently appointed across the teaching service.

Minister of Education, Ronald Jones, congratulated the teachers on their appointments and explained that persons had been receiving letters confirming their permanent status from October.

He added that the process was not without challenges, as the Ministry had to ensure that it was able to place persons in posts which had been established by the Ministry of the Civil Service.

According to Mr. Jones, his office was working on the appointment of more teachers, as well as the creation of more established posts. ???An additional 264 posts are to be established. A Teacher???s Order will be laid in Parliament to establish the posts, and then they will have to go to the Office of the Governor-General for his signature, after which the posts would be gazetted,??? he explained.

The Education Minister advised the newly appointed teachers to continue to be professional in their jobs at all times as ???teaching is one profession which has the critical eye of the society???.

???We at the Ministry of Education know the challenges that you face among your colleagues, with parents and with the children. You have to be stronger, caring and more loving than most people. Do not stop where you are; pursue further academic training,??? he urged.

The 15 teachers receiving their appointment letters at the Ministry of Education were: Kelly-Ann Goddard, A. DaCosta Edwards Primary; Cerren Griffith, All Saints Primary; Joy Carter, Blackman and Gollop Primary; Nakita Prescott, Ellerton Primary; Kelly-Ann Babb, Good Shepherd Primary; Tracia Phillips, Hilda Skeene Primary; Maurice Powlett, Irving Wilson Primary; Nathaniel Boyce, Luther Thorne Primary; Tenesia Hoyte, Maria Holder Nursery; Kemi Callender, Milton Lynch Primary; Ryan Griffith, St. John Primary; Cherika King, St. Lucy Primary; Glenroy Messiah, Vauxhall Primary; Adrian Blackman, Wesley Hall Junior; and Ryan Brewster, Wilkie Cumberbatch.

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