Minister of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs (MPEA), Cynthia Forde receives the donation from HR Manager at Clarke Gittens Farmer, Tracy Forde-Catlyn while Senior Associate, Laverne Ochoa–Clarke, looks on. (A. Reid/BGIS)

The Ministry of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs (MPEA) continues to assist the most vulnerable persons in society with the help of civil society, other government departments, and corporate Barbados.

Minister Cynthia Forde stressed this today during a presentation of supermarket vouchers for the less fortunate by the law firm Clarke Gittens Farmer at the Ministry, at the Warrens Office Complex. 

Ms Forde lauded the firm for the donation, stating: “I want to thank you representatives from Clarke Gittens Farmer.  I want to thank you all sincerely on behalf of this Ministry, the Government and the recipients of these vouchers for being so gracious and generous.  

“You could have chosen any other entity….  You have added flavour to the whole spirit of giving, sharing and caring, and we are sure it will go a long way to assisting these persons…, from the bottom of my heart, I am grateful.”

Human Resource Manager from Clarke Gittens Farmer, Tracy Forde-Catlyn, said that her organisation felt that it needed to give back to Barbadians during this difficult time.

“We know they are a lot of unemployed, and less fortunate families out there who need assistance; we are very pleased to hear that we will be adding to what you would have started already,” she said.

Ms. Forde shared that the Ministry is currently working on several projects, which continue to assist the less fortunate; senior citizens who are living alone; persons who are differently abled; single parents; and those impacted by COVID-19; along with many other vulnerable members of society. 

She praised members of her Ministry, social workers, and those who volunteer their time, and give continued support. 

“From the time COVID-19 kicked in on March 17 in Barbados, our hotline has not stopped ringing. Our social workers were all on the ground during COVID…. We had volunteers working day and night, and never asked for a cent to even pay for the petrol they used to get here, they are all working tirelessly,” she stated.

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