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The Barbados Licensing Authority (BLA), in collaboration with the Barbados Revenue Authority (BRA), wishes to inform the public that they are urgently addressing the backlog in the distribution of registration stickers for privately owned vehicles.

It is expected that the process for issuing registration stickers will be regularised during the month of October and we thank the public for its patience in this matter. 

Please be reminded that in an effort to reduce the foot traffic at the Authority’s physical premises in the current pandemic environment, both registration stickers and certificates will be issued via the post.

Registration stickers and certificates will not be issued for cover notes which are valid for less than seven (7) days.

Due to the delay in the distribution of the stickers the Royal Barbados Police Force is also reassuring the public that once a sticker has not yet been updated, a valid cover note or insurance certificate may be produced to avoid any penalties.

The Barbados Licensing Authority and The Barbados Revenue Authority apologise to the public for the delay in the distribution of the stickers.

We are working assiduously to address this matter and expect to have it rectified on or before October 31, 2020. Your patience is deeply appreciated as we strive to alleviate the backlog and service you in a timely manner.

Ministry of Transport, Works and Water Resources

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