HIV/AIDS Coordinator, Veronica Belle, presents three baskets of food items to HIV Food Bank Manager and Community Nutrition Officer, Donna Barker, at the Ministry of Social Care, as staff members look on.????

The Ministry of Social Care today contributed a number of food items to the HIV Food Bank, as part of its response to some of the challenges of HIV/AIDS.

HIV/AIDS Coordinator, Veronica Belle, in making the donation said: "In presenting this food, we are saying to the management at the Food Bank and the public in general that we are serious about our commitment and pledge to assist in the fight against HIV/AIDS, and that we are also fulfilling our part of the mandate under care and support."

She further stated: "We at the Ministry, therefore pledge our continued support to the Food Bank and will continue to assist in your efforts to ensure that persons infected and affected are cared for through the provision of meals."

Mrs. Belle also thanked the Ministry staff and those at the Poverty Assessment Bureau for their efforts in ensuring that the three baskets of food items were filled.

HIV Food Bank Manager and Community Nutrition Officer, Donna Barker, expressed gratitude for the items. "This effort is greatly appreciated. Until there is a cure, persons will continue to need nutrition assistance. Although persons may be working, they will come to a point when they will get tired and will not be able to work every day… And in taking the medication, they have to eat properly."

Ms. Barker added: "There is always a need for food items. As they come in, they go out. We get new clients all the time and there is always need for support. encourage you and the public to remember us as the years go by." emcclean@barbados.gov.bb

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