The Ministry of Health says there is no evidence to suggest that a banker died recently from dengue fever.

Permanent Secretary in that Ministry, Tennyson Springer, made the assertion today during a Press briefing at the Ministry of Health to address matters relating to a rise in influenza-like illnesses and an increase in dengue fever cases on the island.

Mr. Springer told the media that the Ministry was currently investigating the matter. It was reported in a section of the Press on Wednesday, September 25, that a female bank manager was suspected to have died from the mosquito-borne illness.

However, the Permanent Secretary disclosed that Acting Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Elizabeth Ferdinand, was in contact with the Queen Elizabeth Hospital on the matter and there was ???no evidence at this point that the person died of dengue???.

???We will continue to investigate the matter but we cannot confirm or deny at this stage because there is no information to support the claim,??? Mr. Springer said.

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