The Economic Affairs Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Empowerment, Trade, Industry and Commerce, has launched a website to educate Barbadians about the publications and services it offers.

Members of the public can log on to, to examine documents produced by the department, such as the Medium-Term Fiscal Strategy and the Medium Term Development Framework.?? They can also view the Barbados Economic and Social Report, the Research and Policy Working Papers and Pocket Statistics on Barbados.

In addition, students and researchers can also read monthly press releases on the island’s unemployment, price index and production to keep track of trends in these areas.

An official from the department said the website was created as a result of numerous requests from parliamentarians, accountants, technicians and other professions for data on the Ministry’s services.

He added: "The department created the website to allow persons easy access to information in a timely manner."

Apart from research documents, there is also information on departments such as Fund Access, Business Development Unit, the Productivity Council, Centre for Policy Studies, Barbados Statistical Service and the Research and Planning Unit.

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