The legacy of just over 60 retired educators received high praise last night, when Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Ronald Jones, lauded them for their contribution to the enhancement and delivery of education in Barbados.

Speaking at the Ministry’s Retired Educators Awards Ceremony, Mr. Jones stressed the importance of honouring them.  “It is incumbent upon us to remind the former educators that we are proud of their efforts and that our society values their hard work and persistence,” he said.

Pointing out that the special honorees had over 500 years collectively in the teaching service, Minister Jones commended them on their “commitment to serving the greater community in which they worked.

“You (retired educators) are responsible for moulding great women and men of character. Most of you would have pioneered extra-curricular activities such as sports, girl guides, boys’ scouts, 4-H clubs and cadets… to reshape attitudes, develop skills, build self-esteem and character, and promote a sense of responsibility among the youth,” he added.

Stating that the legacy of the former educators could not be denied. Minister Jones added: “You have given to education, a service that has strengthened our democratic way of life.  Barbados is a leading democracy. Our people are able to read manifestos, read political arguments in the popular media and follow with incredible judgement the position of opposing parties. The legacy you have left behind is so endemic, that the bonds of social cohesion and tolerance are still pre-eminent forces among our people today.”

This year’s ceremony saw awards being granted posthumously to Jeanette Browne, David Clarke, Cynthia Coppin, Cecily Murrell and Ornan Warde.

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