Minister of Education, Ronald Jones (second from left) listens to Innotech Construction Director, Andrew Adam, (left), during a tour of the first phase of the Lodge School redevelopment project yesterday, as Chairman of the Board of The Lodge School, Pat Cheltenham (third from left), Deputy Headgirl Kyla Weatherhead (second from right) and Headboy Charles Cole (right) look on. (A. Gaskin)

Government has embarked on multiple projects in an effort to improve the education system’s infrastructure.

Minister of Education, Ronald Jones, outlined some of these ongoing projects during a tour of the Lodge School redevelopment project yesterday.

Mr. Jones disclosed that efforts were in motion to improve the lot of both students and teachers alike.

??He said: "We did a 24 classroom block at Parkinson, and that is well occupied; but the industrial block is now being constructed…There are some other projects just waiting to move off the drawing table.?? We are looking at the Day School, the school for children at risk, and once we’ve done some geotechnical work on the site, we should be able to commence."

Erdiston College will also benefit from a future project, as the Education Minister remarked that tenders would be issued for the extension of the auditorium and library at that institution; while at St. Lucy Secondary School, he said that their auditorium should be completed within a few months.?? He added that there were also plans for a school meals centre at Six Roads, St. Philip to commence in August or September.

He noted that another undertaking by the Ministry would be the creation of six nursery schools, in conjunction with the Maria Holder Trust.??

While the locations were still to be decided, the Minister stated that "….hopefully one will be at Holder’s Hill…[and] one will be at Gall Hill #2 in Christ Church.?? If not, we will either go to Searles Court or to St. Alban’s, where there was an existing infants school" he said.

Noting that there were also plans for one of the schools to be situated in Gemswick, St. Philip and another location yet to be determined, Mr. Jones stated that "…once we’re satisfied that we’ve found the right location, we’ll?? roll these schools out at two to three per year over the next two to three years… Two of those will be started this year," he disclosed.


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