The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade recently honoured four members of staff who have retired from that Government department.

Three of the retirees ??? General Worker, Claudius Belgrave; Executive Officer, Carol Bellamy; and Executive Secretary, Vashti Blackman-Bedford, were treated to a retirement luncheon at the Hotel PomMarine, Marine Gardens, Christ Church, where staff members from the Ministry lauded them for their years of service.

The fourth worker who had retired from that office, Executive Officer, Gladwin Sargeant, was honoured posthumously.

The three retirees honoured have a collective 98 years in the public service. Mrs. Blackman-Beckford was the longest serving member with 44 years, having joined the service in 1971. She spent just over two of those years in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mrs. Bellamy entered the public service in 1977 and spent six of those years at Foreign Affairs, while Mr. Belgrave joined in 1999, spending all 16 years of his service with that department.

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