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The Ministry of Health is advising moderation in the dietary practices of Barbadians at this time, bearing in mind that this is the festive season and some person are inclined to over indulge.

Individuals are encouraged to use small portions of food, eaten at regular intervals rather than consuming overly large portions. Persons are also reminded to aim for at least five servings of fruits and vegetables daily and to drink the daily recommended amount of water.

In addition, individuals, are advised that items containing high levels of sugar, such as chocolates, cakes, soft drinks, ice cream, and liquor, as well as foods high in saturated fat and salt, should be used in limited quantities.

Persons are also reminded that alcoholic beverages such as beer, which tends to be popular in social settings, although not categorised as hard liquor, should also be used only in moderation, as over consumption could lead to intoxication, automobile accidents, irresponsible sexual practices, and various health problems including damage to the liver.?? Binge drinking, which is the consumption of more than four drinks in one sitting by women or five by men, should be strictly avoided.??

Persons with Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases, in particular, are encouraged to stick to their recommended meal plans and to include some physical activity daily as they celebrate during the holidays.


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