The new ‘Red Bus’ acquired by the Ministry of Health and Wellness which will be used to transport persons who are low on oxygen from communities to urgent care. (GP)

The Ministry of Health and Wellness has acquired a new vehicle retrofitted to transport a maximum of six persons on low-flow oxygen supply.

The white semi-ambulance coach has been nicknamed “The Red Bus” because it transports persons clinically categorised as ‘red’ or being in need of urgent care. It is the newest addition to the Ministry’s COVID-19 response programme.

 ‘The Red Bus’ will assist in getting persons who are hypoxic (deprived of adequate Oxygen in their tissues) out of communities and to treatment in the required time. There will be trained clinical staff on the bus to monitor the clients being transported.  

Members of the public are advised that, if contacted, they will be collected for transport to isolation facilities for care, and should have their personal belongings packed when the bus arrives.

Ministry of Health and Wellness

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