“Breast is still best”. This is the message of the National Breast Feeding Committee as the Ministry of Health celebrates breast feeding week, which runs until August 19.

According to Acting Senior Medical Officer of Health (South) and Acting Chairman of the National Breast Feeding Committee, Dr Arthur Phillips, “breastfeeding is still the best option for both mother and baby”.

He said: “while the committee’s message is getting across to the public, it is still necessary to reinforce the benefits of breast feeding. There is still the issue of social acceptability where breast feeding is concerned, with some women not feeling comfortable nursing in public places.”

Dr. Phillips explained that this year’s theme, ‘Breastfeeding: The 1st Hour; Early Initiation and Exclusive Breastfeeding for Six Months Can Save One Million Babies’, was adopted from the World Health Organisation, which has recently discovered that exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months can impact on the length of life of infants around the world.

He stated that “the Ministry of Health is working closely with the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) to stage this year’s activities, which are larger than past years”.

Activities include an Open Day on August 14 in the Obstetrics Ward at the QEH, a poster competition, which is being judged in the Labour Ward on August 15, and a Speak Off with the theme “Techniques to save a million lives” on August 15, at 2:00 p.m. in Conference Room 2 at the QEH.

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