The Ministry of Health has advised that Johnson & Johnson, through its agents Collins Ltd., has voluntarily recalled Children’s Tylenol and Children’s Tylenol Plus products. The company is the official agent of products manufactured by Johnson & Johnson’s McNeil Consumer Healthcare.

The recall has become necessary following similar action taken in the United States on consultation with the United States Food and Drug Administration.

According to McNeil Consumer Healthcare, the recall is due to "the identification of a structural imperfection associated with the product packaging from one of their bottle suppliers."??

The bottles did not meet their standard packaging specifications, which they noted may "impact on product stability".??Only two batches, Children’s Cold Multi-symptom Suspension, 4oz Grape Lot number ALM303 and Children’s Tylenol Plus Flu Suspension 4oz BBL Gum, Lot number ALM315, were reported to have been on the market in Barbados. These products have since been removed by the local agent, Collins Ltd.

Based on additional information received more recently, there has been another recall involving children’s Tylenol, Tylenol Plus, Motrin, Zyrtec and Benadryl, because they did not meet required quality standards.??

Of these, the Zyrtec products, imported into Barbados, by Collins Limited, will not be affected, as it is not manufactured by the same company as that marketed in the United States, and therefore, is safe for use and should not be discontinued or returned.?? Those products would carry the following UPC codes: 300450205049; 300450209047.??

However, the Ministry of Health through the Barbados Drug Service has stated that the possibility exists that some of these products might be on the Barbados market, through sources other than those imported by the official agents.??????

Persons who are in possession of any of these products are advised to immediately discontinue their use and to return any unused medications to the pharmacy, from which they were purchased.?? They are further advised to consult with their doctor to review treatment options.??

The Barbados Drug Service has been advised by the manufacturers Johnson and Johnson Companies, McNeil Consumer Healthcare, that "the possibility of serious adverse health consequences arising from the use of these products is remote."

However, the Ministry is advising parents that they should stop using the medication, and their health care professional should be consulted if a child has recently taken any of the recalled products and is exhibiting unexpected symptoms.

Drug Inspectors from the Barbados Drug Service will continue to follow up to ensure that the products on recall are removed from shelves across the island.

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