Persons who are suspected of having been exposed to a notifiable disease will be asked to comply with a public health investigation.

This reminder has come from National Epidemiologist and Senior Medical officer of Health, Dr. Karen Springer, who explained that there were 44 such diseases including dengue fever, gastroenteritis in children and food poisoning.

She also pointed out that the investigations were carried out by public health officials including Nurses, Doctors and Environmental Health Officers, who may have to make visits to homes and or workplaces to interview persons.?? As a result, the health practitioner is urging Barbadians to cooperate fully in supplying interviewers with the information.

Members of the public are also reminded of the following facts: investigation into these diseases is routine and required by law; all public health officers are trained professionals who are obligated to maintain the confidentiality of their clients; all health care providers are mandated to report any confirmed or suspected case of a notifiable disease to the Ministry of Health; investigation is conducted whether the affected person seeks care from a public or private provider; investigation may be conducted even if the disease is only suspected and not confirmed; and persons who are unaffected by the notifiable disease, but have been identified as having been at risk of exposure may also be investigated.

All information collected will be used to inform decision making in health matters for Barbadians.


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