Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Joy St. John. (FP)

The Ministry of Health has expressed concern about a number of advertisements appearing in the media which promote “unproven and unscientific” cures for cancer, diabetes and other chronic non-communicable diseases.

Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Joy St. John, said today that while the Ministry supported people’s right to explore alternative medical treatments, it was important that persons exercise caution and not be swayed by “untried and untested” products which promised “a quick fix” to their health issues.

She advised that persons continue to consult their medical practitioners and follow their counsel before making decisions which will impact their health. Failure to do this, she said, could result in serious medical consequences which also often proved very expensive.

Dr. St. John stated that the Paramedical Professions Council was established by Government in 1975 to provide for the registration of members of recognised professions allied to health.

The Council regulates safe practices within the paramedical professions, and paramedical professionals are given a certificate of registration which the public may ask to see, the Chief Medical Officer said.

The Council also handles queries related to paramedical professions and these may be addressed to the body in writing.

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