The fight against HIV/AIDS discrimination and stigmatisation will accelerate next week when the Ministry of Labour hosts a consultation at the Accra Beach Hotel and Resort, Rockley, Christ Church.

The two-day event, which will run from Tuesday, March 17, to Wednesday, March 18, will provide a forum for discussion on critical issues pertaining to HIV/AIDS and the labour market.

The consultation will involve dialogue with public and private sector representatives as well as health care and labour stakeholders.

Among its objectives are: to focus on current efforts being undertaken by the National HIV/AIDS Commission to reduce stigmatisation and discrimination; to discuss a framework for addressing discrimmination on HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean and the Commonwealth; and to examine stigma and discrimination in the world of work in the context of best practices.

In addition, the participants will seek to provide perspectives on an overall strategy to deal with stigmatisation and discrimination in the world of work; and to examine mechanisms to deal with cases of discrimination.

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