Attendees listen to the??Proposed Standards for the Operation of Attractions and Facilities, during a consultation held at the Ministry of Tourism on Monday. (A. Miller/BGIS)??

Working towards a standard for the operation of attractions and facilities associated with the tourism industry was the focus on Monday, as the Ministry of Tourism hosted a consultation with stakeholders from the sector at its office.

Permanent Secretary, Shelley Carrington, noted that tourism attractions were part of the industry’s core, as they were the main motivators for visitors.?? She explained that: "Given the tremendous role that attractions play, it is imperative that no effort is spared in satisfying users of these facilities who are increasingly demanding a high quality and standard in the products and services they purchase."

The Permanent Secretary also noted that "…high quality should be consistent and characteristic of all components of Barbados’ tourism product, as it will ensure that our guests are given value for money and are motivated to return.?? Important prerequisites for sustainable tourism are quality driven service and a high quality product," she said. Ms. Carrington added that the draft White Paper on the Development of Tourism, which would soon be considered by Cabinet, had also incorporated the need for standards across the sector.

Tourism Development Officer for the Development of Standards, Eleanor Jordan, explained that a working group – which featured representation from agencies including the Barbados National Standards Institution, the Technical Vocational and Educational Training Council and the General Insurance Association of Barbados – had been created to develop the proposed standard. This standard, she said, would seek to offer guidance on how attractions could deliver a high quality product, with the standard suggesting the minimum requirements with regard to legal, health and safety and environmental management issues, among other themes.


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