At a time when all eyes are on the melt down in some international financial markets, the Ministry of Trade took the initiative by hosting a workshop on sales to assist persons involved in this economic activity to survive, if the crisis deepens.

Under the theme Making Sense of Sales, 60 participants received tips on how to maximise sales during a recession, from sales expert and Chief Executive Officer, Henry Moulton of the training services firm Top Right Resources, during a half-day workshop at the Savannah Hotel last Tuesday.

Mr. Moulton outlined the tenets of being a successful salesperson in a recessionary period and identified techniques such as tele-marketing, the use of multi-media presentations, electronic account databanks and value-added sales as examples of new methods utilised by sales professionals worldwide.

The participants were also given suggestions on how to interface with and present their products to prospective clients; how to address their questions and objections about the product or services being offered,  and closing the sale.

Mr. Moulton urged the sales agents to be motivated to succeed and not be overcome by the fear of failure.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Trade’s Chief Business Development Advisor, Francine Blackman, pointed out that issues such as sales and marketing, budget cuts, reduced consumer spending and an overall decline in business would ultimately lead to a decrease in investment and market share in companies during a recession.  

To survive during the tough economic times, she has advised business managers to employ systematic sales and marketing strategies that would expand their operations.

“In adopting this approach, you are aligning your business development staff and their activities with the sales and marketing process that differentiates what your company is offering, and then generates and advances customer enquiries consistently through to a successful sale.”

Ms. Blackman also added that “by applying this approach, you enhance your chances of exerting greater control of the business and its future even amidst market uncertainty.”

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