The Ministry of Health is prepared to take the necessary legal action, to deal with persons going against the ban on smoking in public areas.

This was asserted by Minister Donville Inniss, as he delivered the feature address at the retreat for the Commission for Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases (CNCDs) at Accra Hotel last week.

Speaking about the progress of the Commission on CNCDs, the Minister stated: "I do believe that although we have made some progress, particularly with the legislation and tax measures to support tobacco control, there is further work to be achieved."??He added that while the implementation of the legislation drew the wrath of many in the community, the officers of the Ministry of Health and the CNCD Commission have "stood shoulder to shoulder and have not backed down in the face of the attacks that we have felt".

Mr. Inniss specified that thus far, the Ministry had not wielded any hand in terms of strict enforcement but that any complaints of persons ignoring the legislation would be met with the full weight of the law. "We will not be intimidated, the officers of the Ministry of Health will not be intimidated, and we have a duty to the public at large," he stressed.


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