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In an effort to improve relations between farmers and the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry will host a plant clinic and knowledge exchange session on Wednesday, October 26, at Salters Tenantry Road, beginning at 9:15 a.m.

According to Agricultural Officer, Barney Callender: “This session is part of the Ministry’s outreach programme where the Extension Unit is seeking to improve their relationship with the farmers.” He explained that St George was designated by the Ministry of Agriculture as a Food Zone.

“Therefore, the Ministry wants to establish a presence in the Food Zone by conducting plant clinics, experiments, farm visits and training for the farmers.  And, with these kinds of activities we expect to increase the production levels of the farmers and provide a marketing option with a packing facility which should soon be in operation,” Mr. Callender stated.

Some of the topics to be discussed are: Mulching; Labelling and Storage of Agricultural Chemicals; Preventing Post Harvest Lost; and Plant Disease Identification.  All farmers are invited to attend the session.


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