Public and Private sector personnel, and persons working in non-governmental organizations, are invited to register for the Barbados Cybersecurity Forum. (Stock Photo)

The Ministry of Innovation Science and Smart Technology (MIST), in collaboration with Fortinet, invites leaders, managers and IT professionals to the Barbados Cybersecurity Forum, being hosted on Tuesday, September 22, from 9:00 a.m. to noon.

Government and enterprise institutions are often key targets for cyberattacks. The intensity and volume of attacks on government and enterprise systems are increasing each year, with threats ranging from amateur hacktivists to very sophisticated and well-financed criminal operations to the sum of US$7 billion in losses each year globally.

The forum seeks to create a foundational understanding of the unique challenges and requirements that local government institutions and enterprises face in protecting their complex operations.

Registration is welcomed from public and private sector personnel, in addition to persons working in non-governmental organisations. 

Please click here to register.


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