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The Ministry of Innovation, Science, and Smart Technology (MIST) is excited to partner with Payce Digital, formerly Cave Shepherd Card., to continue to drive innovation in the digital payments space in Barbados.

This partnership offers an enhanced digital payment capability on the Ministry’s EZPAY+ Payment Platform via the Payce Digital Mobile App.   

The newly enhanced digital payments feature will afford Payce Digital Cardholders the ability to use the Mobile App to scan and pay using a QR Code on the EZPAY+ Payment Platform. 

The ability to make payments by scanning the QR Code further removes the need to use the actual credit card when initiating the transaction.

CEO of Payce Digital, Alison Browne-Ellis commended MIST for their commitment to work with stakeholders by means of developing digital solutions which save time and increase card security, while offering a pleasant and interactive customer experience. 

Browne-Ellis further highlighted that more and more the need for use of physical cards to initiate transactions will be a thing of the past and transactions via QR Codes and Mobile Devices will take precedence as seen in the global emerging markets. 

Payce Digital, the newest Cave Shepherd & Co. Limited member company, is pleased to be leading such developments in collaboration with MIST at this time.

The Director of Digital Solutions & Cyber Security at the Ministry of Innovation, Science & Smart Technology, Mr. Ovvyng Harewood, said it was a privilege not only working but partnering with the Payce Digital Team who continues to act as a leading partner in the ever-evolving digital payments space.

This new enhancement will provide citizens of Barbados with an additional channel to pay for Government services on the Online Payments Portal – EZ Pay+.

The announcement of this additional payment channel is in keeping with the Government’s digital transformation mandate, to facilitate the ease for citizens to conduct business and settle payment obligations. 

Furthermore, Payce Digital is pleased for the opportunity to partner with MIST to offer it Cardholders a simplified way to make payments on the EZ PAY+ Payment Platform. 

Ministry of Innovation, Science, and Smart Technology

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