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Aspiring and experienced disc jockeys (DJs) who are interested in taking their craft internationally or to the next level are invited to attend a Mix and Master workshop hosted by the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation (BIDC).

The three-day workshop will be held from Tuesday, December 4, to Thursday, December 6, at the Bagnall’s Point Gallery, Pelican Village, Princess Alice Highway, in the City.

The Mix and Master workshop is designed to equip DJs with the skills to fine-tune their craft and business acumen so they could explore international opportunities and create a sustainable music business.

Day one and two will be presented by DJ Jus Jay. During those technical sessions, participants will learn how to produce high-quality sets and operate technical equipment; seamless mixing between genres; scratching techniques and when is most effective to use them; and understanding audience and how to stand out from the pack.

Day three will be presented by Music Business Executive, Richard Haynes. Topics include Business Fundamentals for Establishing A DJ/Music Business; Success Factors for a Sustainable DJ Business Model; and Intellectual Property Management.

Persons interested in attending the workshop should contact Allan Lange at the BIDC via email at alange@bidc.org, or by calling 427-5350. The fee for the three-day session is $120 and will include meals and refreshments.


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