Minister of Housing and Lands, Michael Lashley

Morale continues to be high at the Ministry of Housing and Lands and the National Housing Corporation, despite current public debate about Government’s housing projects.

This was asserted by Minister of Housing and Lands, Michael Lashley, after touring the nearly completed Stuarts Lodge Housing Every Last Person (HELP) site at Tweedside Road, today.??

"Morale continues to be high.?? We are working.?? We are remaining focused:?? Nobody will distract us.?? We are here to deliver houses to Barbadians," he stressed. ????????????????????????

While emphasising that Barbadians would soon obtain keys for projects at Greens, St. George and Four Hill and French Village, St. Peter, Mr. Lashley also noted that road works had started at Parish Land, St. Philip, where 122 houses will be built.

With regard to construction at Lancaster 1 and 2, in St. James, the Acting Deputy General Manager at NHC, Garvey Alleyne, explained that infrastructural works would commence in approximately seven to 10 days.?? "They are just finalising surveying work and… infrastructural work will last at least 24 weeks for both developments.?? We are looking at approximately 82 housing solutions that will be delivered between the two sites," Mr. Alleyne said.

He also reported that the documents detailing the tendering process for the houses at both Parish Land and Lancaster 1 and 2 were being finalised.

"What we are trying to do is have those tenders out either by Friday or Sunday and small contractors will be invited to tender on construction of those houses.?? In total we are looking for at least 20 contractors to construct those houses in those three developments," the acting ??deputy General Manager added.??

He, however, explained that tendering must follow certain procedures.?? "Once the tender comes in, it is considered by the tenders committee of the board.?? It also has to go to our technical section for evaluation and once that process is completed, then we will be in a position to announce the persons who will be constructing the houses," the official pointed out.

Mr. Alleyne indicated that interest among contractors was "very high" and calls were coming into the NHC and the Ministry on a daily basis.

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