Foreign Minister Christopher Sinckler and Ma Xiuhong exchanging documents after  the signing of the agreements.

Barbados should look forward to much more technical and financial assistance from the People’s Republic of China in the wake of the two important agreements signed by both governments earlier this week in Beijing.

That is the intimation from Barbados’ Foreign Minister, Christopher Sinckler, who was speaking shortly after the signing ceremony in the imposing and equally majestic Great Hall of the People. He initialed the agreement on behalf of Barbados, while Ma Xiuhong, China’s Vice Minister of Commerce, signed on behalf of her country.

Prime Minister David Thompson, who prior to the signing explained what most of the RMB 20 million Yuan (one of the agreements) would go towards, and his counterpart, Premier Wen Jiabao, witnessed the ceremony.

According to the Minister Sinckler, “it is a most important accord, as it affords us several possibilities for meaningful assistance in crucial areas of development. Particularly, since it provides for economic and technical cooperation, it should go a long way towards enhancing our capability in delivering social public goods and services across a variety of areas including health, culture, education and community development. Indeed,” he emphasized, “our technical teaching institutions stand to benefit greatly from this assistance; not to speak of the long overdue structural work that will be undertaken on the St. John Polyclinic, Sherbourne Conference Centre and the Empire Theatre.

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