The David Thompson Memorial Constituency Council Football Classic is under way and this year the public will not only see the players on the field, but on television and across various social media platforms.

Speaking at the launch last weekend at the Usain Bolt Sports Complex, Minister of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment and Community Development, Steve Blackett, disclosed that players would have the opportunity to express how they have benefited from being in the tournament.

“This year, it is our intention to highlight teams and individual players through the services of Trident 10 Network Incorporated.  Fans will be kept abreast of activities through Trident 10 TV channel, social media and online, in addition to updates from CBC, Starcom Network Incorporated and other local media,” he explained.

Mr. Blackett added: “This year, players will afterwards be expected to become actively involved in our efforts to assist them to overcome some of the psychosocial challenges that they may be obstructing their progress.”

Noting the players’ excitement to participate in the tournament, he acknowledged the role it plays in providing opportunities for social mobility, and assured the players that the Ministry would “constantly seek to provide [this] opportunity for unleashing and exposing new talent”.

“My Ministry will continue, even against all odds, to strive to address issues of marginalisation and social exclusion among all our constituents, especially our youth, many of whom appear as a cause for our concern at this time. I will therefore continue to ensure that resources are allocated to facilitate this objective,” he stated.

The opening ceremony began with a parade of the teams, with the St. John Constituency Council taking the title of ‘Best Team on Parade’.

This was followed by some entertainment and the first match between defending champions St. George South and St. Michael East, followed by St. John versus Christ Church East.


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