Barbadians will soon get another opportunity to hear how they can improve their productivity when The Productivity Council hosts its GET UP! Programme.

The Getting Everyone to Understand Productivity (GET UP!) half-day workshops will be held every Tuesday, from March 4 to April 8, at the Council???s Baobab Tower, Warrens, St. Michael headquarters. Those persons interested in registering should call the Council at 626-9416.

Describing the sessions as highly informative and interactive, Productivity Officer at the Council, Jannell Arthur, said they were geared towards reinforcing the urgency with which all employees, employers and stakeholders needed to approach their personal and professional productivity, particularly in light of the current challenges.

She continued: ???Many leaders of organisations and their employees are currently focused, and understandably so, on the envisioned negative impact on business due to the impending increased levels of retrenchment and, hence, decreased human resources. As a result, there is increased concern over the organisation’s ability to achieve its stated objectives.

???These GET UP! sessions will stress that now, more than ever, the concepts, or more crucially, the practice of time management, self-monitoring, teamwork, communication and positive work ethic are crucial to limiting any fallout experienced, and can maintain and shore up one’s market position within the current climate.???

Ms. Arthur contended that the workshops were a must for any organisation seeking to assist employees in understanding the relevance of improved productivity and performance. She suggested that persons who were recently laid off should also attend the sessions, since they too would benefit from the key tips to be provided.

The GET UP! Programme was held from September to December 2013, and over 550 persons participated in the sessions. Ms. Arthur said the Council was encouraged by the level of support and positive feedback from those who participated, as well as their managers.

???The management of some of the organisations contacted the Council, reported that they had observed improvements in many of their employees and thanked us for the excellent work we have been doing,??? she disclosed.

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