Government has taken steps to do more in advocating and promoting the advancement and empowerment of people with disabilities.

That is the word from Minister of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment and Urban Development, Dr. Denis Lowe, who was speaking last evening at the benefit concert for the Barbados National Organisation for the Disabled (BARNOD), hosted by the Moramus Singers of Barbados.

Indicating that much progress had been made with respect to persons with disabilities (PWDs), Dr. Lowe said: “… There is much more to be done.  In this regard, we are currently reviewing the role of the National Disabilities Unit and the Committee for Persons with Disabilities with a view to making these entities more effective and efficient in meeting the needs of persons with disabilities.”

Pointing out that he had a vision for PWDs where they would be truly “recognised, embraced and empowered to take their rightful place in our communities”, he added that his Ministry could not do it alone and urged all Barbadians to become more caring.

“…For it is only through your caring and understanding attitudes that my vision for persons with disabilities would be realised.  I also encourage you to give your support to BARNOD as they continue on their journey in advocating for the integration of persons with disabilities,” Dr. Lowe remarked.

Stating that he was inspired by those “who have struggled and survived the struggles”, he added: “Our society is better for persons with disabilities who choose to make their part and voices known in our society.  We, therefore, as a Government must continue to ensure that the resources are available, that we go beyond talk and start to act, so that persons with disabilities can feel the full weight of the impact of Government’s commitment …”

The benefit concert was held in celebration of BARNOD’s 25th anniversary.

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