Harrison College (HC), in collaboration with its Parent Teacher Association, will once again host Mosaic II at the Frank Collymore Hall, on Saturday, March 28 and Sunday, March 29.

The event, which starts at 7:00 p.m., will be held under the theme: Looking Back to the Future. As such, Mosaic II will seek to bridge the young talent on Crumpton Street with many alumni who have made music their profession.

The performers to be featured include Rupee, NexCyx, Nicholas Brancker, Adrian Greene, Roger Gittens, Simon Pipe, Andre Woodvine and the Mosaic Big Band. Also appearing will be Debbie Reifer, Adonijah, Kid Site, John Roett, the HC Funketeers, as well as the orchestra and steel band.

A tribute to Dr. Emile Straker, an alumnus of HC, will be a major highlight on the Gala evening of March 29.??The funds from last year???s show have been utilised to restart the after-school music programme, which allows students opportunities to train in brass, wind and string instruments.

Funds were also allocated to refurbishing HC???s 120-year-old Bechstein piano, an important element of the school???s rich heritage as well as three other pianos. A public address system was also purchased. Funds raised from this year???s concert will be dedicated to sporting and cultural programmes.

Chairman of the Mosaic Committee, Ayo Burrowes said: ???We recognise that given the economic challenges, Government cannot always do everything required by our schools. We had to find ways to be independent and this is a great initiative.

“We are indeed happy that all these alumni and friends of HC are willing to give of their time and energy to help us raise funds for the development of the school???s programmes.?????For further information on the event, members of the public may call Mosaic???s hotline number 255-3311.


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