The St. Joseph HIV/AIDS Education Committee will host a Motorcade and Awareness Rally throughout that parish, next Thursday, April 28 – Heroes Day. It will run from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m.

The entourage will move from the Grantley Adams Memorial School Car Park onto Horse Hill and pass through Bonwell Road, Tourville Road, New Blackmans Development, Blackman’s Main Road; Coffee Gully, Branchbury #2 and #3, Castle Grant, Chimborazo, Todd’s Corner; Sugar Hill, Yearwood’s Road, Union Village, Braggs Hill, and Lammings Main Road.

The motorcade will stop at the St. Bernard’s School Car Park before continuing onto Smith Gap, Wilton Road, Shad Gap, Mayers Corner, Sugar Hill Main Road, Todd’s Corner, St. Bernard’s Village, Parks Road, Bissex, Cambridge, Coggins Hill, Lakes, East Coast Road, Cattle Wash, Gaggs Hill, Joes River Tenantry, Gaggs Hill Corner, Cleaver’s Hill, St. Elizabeth New Road, St. Elizabeth Village, Mount Dacres, and Andromeda Gardens.

It will culminate at Bathsheba Park.

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