Barbados has recorded 7035 vehicular accidents from January to November, 2010.

This was revealed by Station Sergeant in charge of the Traffic Division of the Royal Barbados Police Force, Rodney Inniss.?? He said that high volumes of traffic on the road, especially during peak times, caused some motorists to become irritated and even break the law.

"Some motorists leave home a little late and expect to arrive early.?? This encourages speeding.?? It encourages ???rat running’, where motorists…,?? go through residential areas speeding to get to the other junction,?? [leading to] small and minor accidents," Sargeant Inniss pointed out.

In light of this, the Station Sergeant?? stressed the importance of defensive driving.

"If everyone does it-drive defensively … defensively meaning that you think about the other persons, and you are willing to give away your rights to save injury or even [prevent the] death of that other person, then you are on the right track," he declared.

The official further added that there were reports of public service vehicle conductors directing traffic to either pick up passengers or to divert traffic, and causing further problems on the roads.

??He advised motorists that "the only persons who are authorised to direct traffic by law in Barbados are in fact police officers in uniform, Traffic Wardens and Inspectors from the Ministry of Transport".??

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