COVID-19 update and press conference – January 30, 2021. (PMO)

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Funeral services will again be reduced to no more than 10 mourners, one officiant, along with the funeral director and necessary staff.

This disclosure came today from Attorney General Dale Marshall, as he outlined various changes in the Emergency Management (COVID-19) Curfew No. 3 Directive, for the national pause period, from February 3 to February 17.  

“This was how it was last year; so, it’s not unfamiliar to you. Unlike the current situation, you will not be allowed during the shutdown, to ask for additional mourners; that is simply not on. So, you are limited to 10 mourners, plus funeral director the officiant and staff,” Mr. Marshall stated.

During the COVID-19 update and press conference, at Ilaro Court, the Attorney General said weddings will be attended by only the bride, bridegroom, two witnesses, and the marriage officer.

He added that in the case of a religious service, just 10 persons would be allowed for the purposes of streaming.

He said during the national pause, which begins on Wednesday, February 3 and is aimed at helping Government reduce the spread of the virus in the community, maids at residential properties, nannies and gardeners would not be permitted to go to work.

“As inconvenient as it maybe, this is important to safeguard the health of all Barbadians. So, you will not be allowed to bring your domestic worker into work; you will not be allowed to bring your maid into work; you will not be allowed to bring your nanny into work; you will not be allowed to bring your gardener and other personal providers of that sort,” he stressed.

Mr. Marshall said beaches and parks will be opened between 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. daily, only for the purpose of exercise while sporting activities will be banned.

“So unlike previous occasions when you could engage in some kind of sports, sporting activity is absolutely prohibited, whether it is a lone sport, or joint sports…, for the duration of this lockdown,” he stated.

The Attorney General added that members of the public will not be allowed to attend or host a party or lime during the period.

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