Members of the public who are interested in learning more about tsunamis, and how they can impact countries are invited to come out for a Night in the Bay tomorrow, Thursday, February 7, at the Bay Tavern in Martins Bay, St. John beginning at 6:30 p.m.

The Public Awareness and Education working group of the Technical Standing Committee on Coastal Hazards will be hosting the first in a series of movie nights aimed at raising awareness about the tsunami hazard.

Featured films for the evening will be documentaries made on The Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami and The Asian Tsunami, Disaster of the Century. A number of promos will also be aired at the Tavern, and members of the committee will be on hand to answer any questions raised.

The showing of the documentaries is also designed to raise awareness about the hazard among residents in St. John. Barbados will join other Caribbean islands in the Caribe Wave exercise next month.

Barbados’ participation involves conducting a table top and community exercise, of which the latter will be staged in St. John.


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