With schools set to mark African Awareness Month in February, teachers are being encouraged to take advantage of the several posters, books and videos on offer at the Media Resource Department (MRD) at the Elsie Payne Complex, Constitution Road, St. Michael.

Audio Visual Aids Officer, Gale Gooding, speaking ahead of celebrations said, "We are a repository for information on Black History/African Awareness."??

She explained that there was a wide array of posters on Kings and Queens of Africa; Black Inventors and Scientists; Heroes and Sheroes and a collection of videos on Jesse Owens; Martin Luther King; Malcolm X and others who were involved in the Civil Rights Movement.

"There is also a collection of literature entitled The Heritage Library of African Peoples within the reference section of the department’s library. These and other materials would assist teachers in the delivery of lessons on African culture, food, clothing, dance, music and its people, particularly during African Awareness Week at the schools," Ms. Gooding maintained.

The Audio Visual Aids Officer pointed out that the material was available to teachers in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. And stressed: "They would be well-equipped with the requisite knowledge and teaching aids to put over the subject to their charges.

"There is a commonness and one-ness in the subject across educational institutions and if teachers avail themselves of what exists in our library, they will be given the guidance that would aid children in the classroom and especially with respect to project work."

Teachers seeking further information on the subject of African Awareness or Black History may visit the Media Resource Department or call Ms. Gooding or Mrs. Charmaine Seale at 430-2964.


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