Ryan Brathwaite

A mural of world champion, gold medallist hurdler, Ryan Brathwaite, will be unveiled in his St. Andrew community this weekend, as part of the celebrations honouring his outstanding feat at the International Amateur Athletics Federation’s World Championships in Berlin.

The ceremony will be held on Saturday, September 19, at Church Gap, Hillaby, St. Andrew, starting at 10:00 a.m.

Ryan’s father, Eugene Brathwaite, and other neighbours will deliver several tributes, before the mural is uncovered.

Meanwhile, at 12 noon, a motorcade with approximately 40 vehicles and 200 people will leave Farmers Playing Field, St. Thomas, and travel to Farm Path, Hillaby, Greggs Farm, Turners Hall, Bawdens, Walkers Tenantry Road, St. Andrew’s Parish Church, Shorey Village and make a ?????Uturn at the end of the bus route.

The convoy of vehicles will again pass through Shorey Village; journey to St. Andrew’s Church, turn left at the roundabout to Belleplaine, and go along the Ermie Bourne Highway, to Barclays Park, where a brief stop will be made.

They will return along Ermie Bourne Highway, Lakes Village, Belleplaine and Babylon Road, and make their way back to Farmers Playing Field.

Members of the public, especially those living in St. Andrew, are encouraged to participate in these activities.


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