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Museum officials have expressed concern that not enough Barbadians are visiting the department or are aware of this country’s rich history and culture.

This is the view of Education Officer at the Barbados Museum and Historical Society, Peggy McGeary, who made a plea to more parents to visit the museum’s exhibits and galleries with their children.

“The museum is a great place to visit and I wish more people would come and bring their children and share this history. I think the problem is that nowadays a lot of the parents are very young and they themselves may be unaware of the history,” she opined.

Ms. McGeary added that while the department had an active schools’ outreach programme, many secondary institutions were not taking advantage of this opportunity.

“I just wish persons (Barbadians) would understand that the museum is about them, it is about Barbadian history, it is about their culture and life…we need to come in and take time to learn more [about our history],” she stressed.

The former teacher, who also facilitates  the Museum’s Ole Time Excursion Bus Tours, said many persons come away with a renewed respect for their local heritage and tradition after taking part in that activity.

“When you take people out on those bus tours, they come to you and say ‘I didn’t know that’ and they ask you to explain more. It feels good being able to pass that information onto everyday Barbadians,” she said.

Ms. McGeary also revealed that plans were also in train to keep the museum’s galleries up-to-date with the latest technology, much like the African Gallery, which was established in 2004.

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