The work of the National Assistance Board has received a nod of approval from Minister of Social Care, Steve Blackett.

The organisation came under the spotlight at an annual thanksgiving service, which was held at the Carrington Wesleyan Holiness Church last Sunday, to mark the Board’s 31st anniversary.

During his address, Minister Blackett lauded the "tireless contribution" of the workers, and noted that "the mandate of the NAB could not be achieved without the contribution of these workers, at all levels, from the Home Care Programme, the Vauxhall Senior Citizens’ Village, the Clyde Gollop Night Shelter for Homeless Men, to the Seniors’ Recreational Activities that take place across the island."

Alluding to the Home Care Programme, the Minister said that the contribution of the workers stood out as they travelled across the island "dispensing love and care to the elderly."

The Minister also highlighted the NAB’s provision of Bereavement Support Services and their work under the National Disaster Preparedness Plan through the Vulnerable Persons Committee, as other examples of their community service.?? ??

Minister Blackett affirmed Government’s commitment to ensuring that seniors are well cared for, and stated that legislation to address this was currently under way.

"We are now in the final stages of completing the White Paper on Aging at the Ministry of Social Care. This is a document which comprehensively analyses, assesses and reviews our approach to our delivery of services to the elderly, to ensure that going forward, the work of the Ministry, and that of the National Assistance Board, will focus on providing the best mix of care for our seniors who have laboured so hard to make this nation what it is today," the Social Care Minister asserted.

He stated, however, that it was not only Government’s duty, but the responsibility of all children to give care and attention to their parents. He added that it would thereafter, be "the duty of other family members, relatives and then their immediate communities."


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