The National Advisory Committee on Education (NACE) is making steady progress as it seeks to play its parts in the formulation of a new education policy.

According to Administrative Officer, Cyril Burke, “following last year’s completion of the town-hall meetings, NACE is now conducting focus group meetings with various stakeholders in education.”

He pointed out that the Ministry had so far conducted five focus group meetings and was expected to host another 12 meetings over the next few weeks. Mr. Burke explained that the committee was aiming to ensure that no one was left out from the process of forming a new education policy.

“We will be conducting meetings with principals of public primary and secondary schools, private sector agencies, the Barbados Christian Council, the boys on the block as well as psycho-social professionals within the schools,” he outlined.

The focus group meetings are expected to conclude by the end of March following which a conclusive report will be compiled.

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