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Barbadians can earn some cash while being green in the National Conservation Commission’s (NCC) National Arbor Day Tree Planting Competition.

The Commission encourages individuals, landowners, service clubs, churches, schools, government departments and corporate Barbados to plant trees during the month of September.  Arbor Day is observed on September 22, annually.

The first prize for the individual, group or entity that plants the most trees is $7,000. The second prize is $2,000, and the third prize, $1,000.

Participants must submit a “creative” video of the tree planting process to the NCC on Instagram and Facebook via the handle @nccbarbados. The deadline for submissions is Sunday, October 10.

The individual, group or entity needs to prove that the trees thrive over the next six months by submitting a video of the same tree, or trees planted in September via Facebook and Instagram on February 28, 2022. Additionally, participants in these categories with the best-maintained and flourishing tree or trees may win $5,000.

Interested persons may call the NCC’s Marketing Department at 536-0662 or 536-0663, for more information, or send their questions via Instagram or Facebook.


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