Members of the National Committee on Ageing visited the Centre Point Health Network at Warrens Crescent, yesterday, to celebrate the 107th birthday of retired nurse, Barbara Alexander Wickham.

President of the Committee, Maizie Barker-Welch, along with other committee members, presented Ms. Wickham with a floral arrangement, before making a toast to her longevity.

Ms. Barker-Welch said the Committee was pleased to mark this milestone, as it was its remit to oversee matters pertaining to the elderly, and?? make recommendations to Government on their behalf. She further stated that members were in the process of compiling a list of all centenarians living in Barbados, from which a study would be conducted on the factors influencing their longevity.

According to her niece Barbara Mitchell, Ms. Wickham was born in Coles, Road, Carrington Village, lived in the United States for most of her life, and returned to these shores on retirement at age 70. She also disclosed that her aunt never married and had no children of her own, but was very close to her nieces, and other relatives.

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