An Attorney-at-Law and a Public Administrator will be selected, next month, by the National Coordinating Committee, of the CARCOM-CIDA Trade and Competitiveness Project, as National Consultants to the project.

Research Officer, Wainell Alleyne, said today that their task would be “to provide the basis of what needs to be reformed and administered under the different regimes of the CSME, for the project duration over the next three to five years.” Ms. Alleyne added that “the National Coordinator will oversee the work of the Consultants, and the final output must be approved by the National Coordinating Committee for review and comment”.

The CARICOM-CIDA project seeks to assist the region towards a full and efficient functioning of the CSME, through the creation of systems and procedures, to facilitate management and administration at the national level, as well as effective participation of stakeholders.

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