The Barbados Investment and Development Corporation (BIDC) has come to the rescue of scores of artisans who have been complaining about the non-provision of a vendors??? outlet to display their wares to locals and visitors.

To this end, the BIDC???s Craft Development Division has designated June as craft month; an initiative which should create greater visibility for the artisans??? work and boost the local crafts sector as a whole.

In explaining the significance of the month, the BIDC???s Business Development Officer, Chauntel Thomas said: ???We want to bring an awareness that craft is important and to demonstrate that craft was not limited to the tourism sector alone, but, also, had a functional use.?? During the month, we want to highlight the fact that some craft items are used every day in some households and businesses.???

Notwithstanding the importance of craft, she urged the artisans to come out and support the event. ???It would benefit the artist significantly because Barbadians would be exposed to their work, and more [persons] would get an opportunity to purchase local craft,??? she stated.

Even though the month is dedicated to showcasing the work of potters across the island, Ms. Thomas said plans were in train to feature the handicraft of other artists. ???In the future, we plan to focus on different craft areas to encourage the entrepreneurs to turn their designs into cash,??? she noted.

Cognisant of the importance of the small business sector to the island???s economic development, she outlined a number of on-going initiatives to enhance small and medium-sized businesses.

???Within the BIDC and the Crafts Development Unit, we have been offering a number of courses periodically to the public in leather craft, pottery and woodwork.?? The spin-off to this objective is to generate small businesses across the island,??? Ms. Thomas explained.


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