Troubled by widespread concern over unreported crime in Barbados, the criminal justice authorities are seeking the expertise of consultants in ferreting out the contributing circumstances and consequent impact on the society.

Through the Office of the Attorney General, Government is offering a consultancy for conducting a National Crime Survey to scientifically measure the extent of unreported crime in Barbados.

According to the National Task Force on Crime Prevention (NTFCP), the mandate includes, but is not limited to, “estimating the true level of crime against households in Barbados, measuring the frequency, characteristics and consequences of criminal victimization in Barbados and determining who is most at risk of being a victim of crime”.

NTFCP, the agency in the Office of the Attorney General, directly responsible for the survey, is tendering for “interested consultants to submit technical and price proposals to conduct a National Crime Survey on behalf of the Office of the Attorney General”.

The Government Tender Notice also invites “eligible consultants with experience in conducting national surveys to submit their proposals with respect to providing the required services.

“Interested consultants are required to provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the consultancy.  Information should include methodology and understanding of required services; work experience in Barbados or the Caribbean region; experience in projects of similar scope, complexity and technical specialization; competence in English; financial capability to undertake the consultancy; appropriate skills among staff, and other relevant information.” (TA)

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