This year’s scholarship winners have promised to do Barbados proud as they prepare to pursue studies in various areas of national development.

During a meeting yesterday at the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, Minister Ronald Jones urged the 11 young people to “be academic ambassadors for Barbados.

“As you go off on your journeys, you will continue to fly the Barbadian flag high. When you leave these shores, you must aim to be (at) the top of your various classes,” he advised.

This year’s scholarship winners are Shakira Franklin; (Forensic Science), Jacqueline Pilgrim (Tourism Administration), Mone-Renata Holder (International Risk Management), George Ishmael (Computing with Multimedia), Errol Goodridge (Occupational Health and Safety), Jason Lacorbiniere (International Trade and Finance), Tracie Carmichael (Tropical Medicine and International Health), Andre King (Hydrography), Shana Burrowes (Public Health), Winston Tyrell (Environmental Studies) and Deidre Perch (International Development).

Also included in this year’s awards were Natalie Rowe and Kevin Farmer who both received a Special Award to pursue studies in the areas of Development Management and Archaeology, respectively.

The government of Barbados makes provision on an annual basis for the award of National Development Scholarships to candidates pursuing courses considered to be of critical importance to national development.

These scholarships are offered to provide training in scarce specialist areas and in disciplines identified as priorities in the socio-economic development of the country. Selection is made through a process of interviews by the National Scholarship Committee, chaired by the Deputy Chief Education Officer (Schools) with numbers drawn from a wide cross-section of institutions within the community.

Reintroduced in 1987, the scholarship winners are provided with state funds for the duration of their academic studies.

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