The Ministry of Social Care will continue to promote its active ageing policy in an effort to reduce the incidence of chronic non-communicable diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension, among the elderly.

This affirmation came from Minister Steve Blackett, as he launched the National Senior Games 2012, at the Ministry’s Warrens office today.

"The National Senior Games are the main avenue for promoting this Ministry’s policy of active ageing, whereby we encourage persons to remain physically fit and healthy as they age," the Minister said.

He further stated that: "The Senior Games 2012 will certainly provide an opportunity for our seniors to show off their skills and levels of fitness and to engage in friendly competition."

The Social Care Minister noted that the events – netball, basketball, tennis, table tennis, archery and cycling – will begin this month and culminate on Saturday, April 21, with the track and field meet at the National Stadium.

"The Ministry had hoped to stage the main event, the track and field meet, over two days this year, the Saturday and the Sunday, in order to accommodate those persons who are unable to attend on the Saturday for various reasons. However, due to the economic recession which is affecting all countries, this event will take place on one day only," Minister Blackett pointed out.

The Minister also encouraged persons to register for the various activities, noting that registration forms may be collected from the National Assistance Board, the National Sports Council, Sports and Games (B’dos) Ltd. and the Barbados Olympic Association. He added that persons may also register at the offices of sporting associations which are involved in the different disciplines.??


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