As Barbados prepares to celebrate its 55th Anniversary of Independence and mark the first step towards becoming a Republic, the theme chosen by the Ministry of People Empowerment & Elder Affairs for this year’s National Service of Thanksgiving sums up what can best be described as the true Barbadian character.  

The service will be held on Sunday, November 28th, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. and will be available virtually.

The theme “Fortifying Foundations, Overcoming Adversity, Pursuing Destiny” speaks to 55 years of successful nationhood, the determination to face challenges frontally and active pursuit of full sovereignty.

When, therefore, Barbadians come together in the National Service of Thanksgiving 2021, it will be an expression of gratitude for the five and a half decades of nation-building, which included development of a national memory, a national identity, worldview experiences and a mutual understanding.

These first years of nationhood have seen Barbados move from a primarily colonial, agrarian society, centred around the sugar cane industry, to a modern economy and well-respected democracy that is part of a regional grouping and a formidable player in global affairs, steered by visionary leaders.

These years also forged a common national Barbadian consciousness with an internalization of communal perspectives, values, behaviours and attitudes.

This year, Barbados faced some of its greatest challenges in recent years that severely tested the resolve and resilience of the Barbadian people. These included the COVID-19 pandemic, ashfall, a freak storm and the first hurricane to impact the island in over 65 years.

This Independence Day, Barbados embarks on yet another phase in its history, and moves forward to a state of republicanism that is based on mutual respect, a shared vision for the future and regard for fundamental rights and freedoms.

This is a significant historic achievement in the life of Barbados and every Barbadian will have the opportunity to offer thanks and praise during the National Service of Thanksgiving that will be streamed live on the day of the event.

Ministry of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs

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